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River and Sage clothes are designed and handmade from durable, breathable, 100% cotton, by us, in our Gold Coast studio, and we source our fabrics from across the globe so we can offer something a little unique. Everything we offer has been road tested by our own kids, and they certainly put the items through all environments! River and Sage has been born and as the newest addition to our family we hope you will come on this journey and grow with us.

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Buying Secrets for Toddler Boys Shirts

We moms are very much cautious about the cloths of our children. As we all know that our young children are growing very quickly so it’s very important to choose cloths for them. So of course while buying clothes for boy we have to think so many factors and find somewhat problematic. Boys shirts online gold coast company provides a good range of various color and design.

When you make online purchase, there are few factors which you have to bear in your mind. The right size and the perfect materials for your boy’s clothes should be according to his personality and choice. Here are some tips that can be useful when you are buying clothes including shirts for your boy online.

Keep in mind the size factor

Before you purchasing shirt for boy through online, know the perfect size of the clothes which you are going to purchase for your child. Always remember that the normal growth of any child is very high so you have to choose cloths by keeping in mind this factor.Try to buy shirts of a bit large size or two bigger. When you are purchasing shirts for your toddler son make sure to selectthose kinds which allow proper room for growth without them.It should be actually growing out of them. When you buy online the size matters a large. To avoid the policy of return and exchange try to be sure about your boy’s exact size and then go for it.


This is very much important factor when you are purchasing shirts for boy. Actually the material should always be cotton in case of any child or toddler of kids. Because it is the only material which is stronger than others and also will give them soothing feelings when the weather is warm but keep them warm when it is a little cooler. Boys shirts online gold coast company is very much cautious about the material and they manufacture cloths with skin-friendly materials.

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